Monday, April 19, 2010

Ahoy there Captain...


Well today my little man isn't too well so I decided to make something to cheer him up (while he had a nap)and make him a pot for keeping his chalks in (he asked me to do this ages ago and I forgot!).

So how did it begin - well like this
a baby formula tin!!! 
I cut a 12x12 sheet of the Sandylion Pirate Bandana into 2 6x12 strips and then one of them in half.
stick the long one and one of the 6x6 squares together and stick to the outside
(if you have a different size tin/tub you will need to alter the measurements)
I then stuck 2 lengths of ribbon around the top and bottom with the blank side out - I felt it matched the papers better
Then a large tag inked and written on
This is mounted onto the tin with foam pads
I also stuck on a couple of 3d embellishments that I had left on a sheet from a previous project.

And there is just the lid to cover - I used a black marker and some black ink to cover the outside and a thelast square of paper that was left I used to cut out a circle that will be stuck onto the lid.

And thats it!!!!

Hope you like it

Take Care

Sam xxx

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