Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do you ever...

...have something really funny and just wish you had something to write it down in?

Well how about this ...
It's just 10cm x 10cm but any notepad or notebook is workable we will hopefully have these ones back in stock soon. 
So I took this cute little book and inked the edges in brown (I like a lot of brown ink you may have guessed by now)
Took a piece of BG Blush paper and inked the edges adhering with Herma
Then I took a piece of brown cardstock and cut a smallish rectangle - no specific size and you guessed it - ink the edges!!!
Next I have taken a piece of Sandylion His & Hers Lovely Memo and cut a section from the opposite side as his has some lovely co-ordinating lines on.  I have written on it and then just dotted onto the ends of each letter - this just adds a nice touch I think.
Oh I also added some gems to the corners as you can see
lastly but by no means least I just popped somestamped swirls top and bottom to finish and that was it!!!!

So next time something or someone funny says and does something - write in here - you might need it as ammunition one day!!!  Or just to remind yourself of something great when you need a little lift.

Hope you're all ok

Take care

Sam xxx


bill.fleming said...

wish I'd ad one when you and Bev were little, could have filled it days....

Georgie Hughes said...

Bill you would need a very large book cos you would never get your laughs into a little one

Georgie Hughes said...

Sorry Sam got carried away, brilliant idea.

Sparkly Sammy said...

I'll start you one for now then dad - I intend to make you laugh for a hell of a lot more years yet!!!!

Thanks Georgie xxx

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