Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inky Inky Inky day!!!!

Oh what a day!!!

Well today Mum, Bev and myself have been at a retailers training day and it was fabby!!!

Here they are in the first workshop which was Alcohol Inking and the best ways of using them on card - very good indeed and a big Thankyou to Carol who took that workshop - having us 3 to deal with is a big ask!!!

This is the second - a metal embossing class - this isn't the finished article - but I will go onto more detail another day!!!!  It was great fun and again a big Thankyou to Lynne for this - it's not something we have personally worked with in such close quarters and I have to say - I liked it!!!

Next it was the lovely Sheena - we were actually sat on the floor at this stage!!!
Cosmic Shimmers and Distress inks were the order for this one and we all came away covered in ink!!!
Sheena did ask us that if you were to see her demonstrate a particular product what would it be?  So what I would like you to do is comment below or send us an email and then we can forward all of your suggestions direct to her, 

The Last class was with Karen and this was grungeboard - something we love and have worked with often, very versatile product that can be used in conjuction with everything else I have mentioned so far!!!

All in all it's been a fab day, very messy (brill!!) and now (like all of the instructors) we are zapped!!!!

What this does mean for you is that we saw lots of products that over the course of the next few months will be coming into store (if I get my way!!!)

Hope you've all had a great weekend.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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Laura said...

I would like to see Sheena using the cosmic shimmers to give me some ideas & inspiration!!

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