Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday!!!


A very Happy Good Friday to all of you and may it be the wonderful start to a wonderful Easter Weekend for everyone.

Well I would love to be able to show you a picture of what I have made today - the truth of it is I haven't made anything as yet - I have infact folded the same piece of paper several times in order to find our how to make a nice card - You know how it is you see something that truly inspires you (can't remember where you saw it to get  destructions) and so the only image you have is the one in your head.  Those of you that know me will know I can at times (be nice!) be a bit scatty - I am blonde! so I'm doing my best. 

The best bit is the card doesn't have a purpose as yet - so it's "just because". 

In essence why do we need a reason to send a card - the days of sending a card just because it was a nice thing to do seem to be in the past but here we are with a wonderful hobby at our fingertips. 

So guys and girls what Iwould like to know from you is this...
What are your top 3 reasons other than the obvious birthdays/Christmas for sending a card?

I'm hoping that you can come up with some good suggestions - just post them as comments at the bottom of this blog entry or go to the Bee Crafty homepage and email us and lets see what everyone comes up with.

Right then I am going back to play with my piece of VERY battered and bruised piece of paper and my top score mulitboard!
Take Care

Sam xxx


Julie-Ann said...

Shall I be first, ok then

1st Thank You - also nice to recieve

2nd Congratulations

3rd New Baby - actually this could be 2nd but a very close contest...

I think that's me, yup my top 3

Anonymous said...

well im going to throw it wide open... I'm trying not to make cards for my nearest and dearest now. I make gifts, and it's all down to Bee Crafty! I make glitzy handbags, photo frames and other things. Not just as Birthday gifts, I tell them its 'just because i was thinking of them' but its more to show off my new skill! If I go back a year apart from the Birthday and Christmas cards i made more thinking of you cards for friends as I don't get to see my friends abroad as much as i would like to.


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