Thursday, April 08, 2010

Oh Happy Days...

...this weather is wonderful!!!

So how are you on this wonderful Thursday?

I've been having a fab time!!!  Been out in the garden and been for a walk with my dogs and then came home and made this...

A nice litle Love and Congratulations hanger. 

Now fortunately with our craft we don't have to have a reason for making things and this is one of those times.  I was having a tidy up of all my craft things (like you guys I'm sure this takes a lot of time all the time) and I came across a piece of shaped chipboard. 
So I went into the scraps drawer and found a piece of paper that would fit and shaped it to match
I also added a stamped image to the top left corner
here I have put on a strip of black card with some clear rainbow drops on the edge and 3 black rainbow drops toward the bottom.
As you can see I have put a "Love" embellishment with some red fibre and also red fibre to hang it with
To finish ot off I added another strip of black and the patterned paper (Basic Grey Scarlets Letter) and a small silver congratulations embellishment.
And heres how it finished.

Once again I've had a good afternoon but my craft stuff isn't any tidier and I am definately more inky!!!

Take Care

Sam xxx

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