Friday, April 16, 2010

something different!


Have we all got that Friday feeling? 

Well I have been having a mess with some different papers from the shop - from the Glitz Gigi range and one from another Glitz range and here's what I made...

It's just one of those things - it would be a hugs and kisses type of thing - something you send "just because".
So how did I make it....
Ingredient number 1 - the inside of a toilet tissue roll!!!!
fold it in half - so that it lies flat - I used my top score multiboard tool as it creases the edges so well.
Then lots of black ink all around the edges - do both sides as it will look a little odd otherwise!
Next stick one end together - to create a pocket I used Hi bond tape - it's just so much stronger!!!
Next using a circle punch (any round shape scalloped or not would work) notch out a half circle at the other end!
Then from the Polka sheet of the gigi range I cut a rectangle that will fit around the edge and notched out the top of that also - at the appropriate stages
Then adhere it to the the pocket and ink around the edges again
Then from the sheet from another Glitz range I have cut a 2 inch strip and black inked the edges
And adhere around the middle of the pocket.
I then stamped the lips and coloured them with Magenta Stickles (and a cocktail stick to help!)
I then adhered some magenta gros grain ribbon and the lips to the front.
Then theres a tag for the inside - I cut a rectangle to fit (depends where you shop for your toilet roll) and stuck some of the paper that was left from the cover on too.
At this point you can add whatever detail - dependant on why you are sending it and pop it in the pocket and this is what you have

Oh and I added some diamante style gems to each corner!

Hope you liked it

Take care

Sam xxx

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