Friday, April 09, 2010

More Treasure...

... when mooching around!!!

Hiya everyone

Well as I said yesterday I was trying to sort out my crafty stuff - the reason being my mum and dad bought me a fabulous set of bags for Easter and I really need to get my bits organised to fill them!

Then this happened...

Isn't it cute!!!

I found (shoved down the side of the dresser) a packet of 12x12 canvases.  So I duely ripped them open and made all of the appropriate "ooh what can I do with these" type statements.

SO I went to the scraps drawer and grabbed a few browny ish type bits

I ripped and tore and cut a few bits off each of them and then chucked some brown and a little bit of gold over the lot and chucked it all on. 

I used a brown inkpad on the edges of the canvas first but it seemed a bit harsh so I gently rubbed some gold over the top and it looked great!

Then just to add some texture I rubbed the gold inkpad in fugure of 8 type movements over either side - If you look close you should see what I mean (if not don't worry)

Then I added the rest of the bits of paper and this

And there we have it - oh I added the stamp to the bottom right corner - just a little bit more decoration.

Now all I need to do is find somewhere for it to live in the house!!!

Hope you're all having a great day!!!

Take Care

Sam xxx

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