Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just us!!!

Afternoon all

Well yesterday I took all (bar one) of the things that I had been making into the shop - so if you want to go and have a look then feel free.  The one I didn't take into the shop was the canvas - so mum said to make another one - in true Sam style i didn't want to make another one exactly the same though so instead I did this.....

A bit more simple this time but I like it just as much. 
So again we took a blank 12x12 canvas
then I used a Metallic Teal Inkpad and just swirled it across the whole page - nothing magic just sort of rubbed it all over! 
I paid particular attention to the edges to give it that framed effect.
Next I took a swriled stamp and stamped it in the same colour around the edge - this will look darker even though its the same colour - this is because of how much concentration of ink there is in one spot.  Any of the swirls in this range would be perfect for this sort of thing.
So next is the photo - I have used a 6x4 on foam squares just to look a little more 3D.
With just a couple of chipboard letters to say "us" - these ones were already glittered but you could glitter some you already have.
So just before it was hung on the wall I put some of the Bee Crafty Paper Flowers together (mixed up from a couple of the different selections available) and put brads through the middle and thats it!!! Hand it up and enjoy!!

Have Fun

Take Care

Sam xxx

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