Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is our shop!!!

Afternoon everyone - how's you?

Well I was having a think (don't laugh) earlier and it occurred to me that I rarely show you the shop at all.  Sooooo I decided that I would take some pictures and show you!

The sign!!!

This is the front of the shop - there's actually another window which is part of our shop but I couldn't get that in!!!

This is the picture from the front door, to the left is the A4 paper towers there are more all around the shop but the main A4 is just there.  To the right is the Jolly Nation that is currently on offer.
Moving forward you see the counter to the right - that's Bev behind the counter - she is currently putting her Wedding Stationary together!!!  You can find all of our Wedding ranges here

This is just some of our 12x12 papers - these are at the back of the shop but there are a few more located around the shop!

These are the stamp shelves on the back wall of the shop (if you look in the corner then you can just see the 12x12 paper tower)
This is one of the ribbon towers.

Well I hope you liked your little tour of the shop - there really is more to see so if you get the chance please come down and have a look.

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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