Thursday, April 29, 2010

So who started the singing...

...that made it rain?

Just kidding I am sure you are all wonderful singers!!!

Now who likes the ProMarkers?

Well just some information for you tonight - the Versafine Onyx Black Inkpads are back in stock.  If you are looking for an ink to give you extremely fine detail? An ink that you are able to watercolor or marker over and it won't bleed? Then look no further! This natural oil-based pigment ink dries instantly on matte cardstock. You won't believe it till you see it. Available in a variety of colours which last 3-5 times longer than regular inkpads.  You can find the range stocked at Bee Crafty here.

I have to say having used these (I couldn't resist them when they came) they are wonderful and actually do what they say unlike other products that promise specific results and don't deliver these are no dissapointment.

I haven't forgotten about that competition - we are just finalising prizes and what it is you have to do to win!

Hope you're all ok

Take Care

Sam xxx

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