Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Little Princess!!!

It's all about Abi today!!!

Mainly because she'll be coming to play tomorrow and who knows if I'll get a chance to do anything.  For those of you that don't know Abigail is my darling niece who I truly adore.  Everything she does has an element of naughty even when she's being really good and thats what makes her brilliant.

With that in mind I have just done this...
She was just a teeny baby and this photo was taken in hospital by her very tired mummy!

So what did I use and how?
The Bo Bunny Sophie Range
Firstly I took the Sophie Bouquet page first and selected a piece that was going create a flourish style on the Sophie Joy Die Cut piece
Then spent time with a good craft knife and a pair of detail scissors and did this to the piece I cut out
It does take a bit of time but is most definately worth it.
Next was taking a 6"x4" photo and i cut around the two of us - as I mentioned it was taken in hospital and the walls were an odd colour but this takes that out and leaves the content in!
So I had a look in my chipboard drawer and found this little piece of shaped chipboard - and decided to draw round it on the oppposing side of the Sophie Bouquet which is a beautiful shade of blue with faint lines - Ideal for journalling
I cut this out and then inked the edges with a memento dewdrop in Sweet Plum
I then constructed the whole thing and added the journalling to the shaped piece afterwards and this is what I got

It's a lovely page and I am really happy with it.

Hope you're all well

Take Care

Sam xxx


Julie-Ann said...

This is absolutely beautiful Sam. It only seems 5 mins ago, tell ya what if it was tomorrow I may book a day off as you are soooo right with your description of her. She's a joy and a nightmare in 1 love her so much xx

Beej said...

Absolutely gorgeous I love this picture of you to, definately one of my faves :).


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