Saturday, April 03, 2010

Blips and Beeps again....

...because I love it!!!

So there I was sat there just looking at my lovely papers which are so fabulous for boys which I think can sometimes be harder to find so I love these papers.

So of late I have been taking a more "simplistic" style with scrapbooking - not worrying too much about everything being "perfect".  In turn this means that I am getting more out of it, and that it happens easier now.  With this page that I created - which admittedly didn't take too long (about an hour) I took bits and pieced from various sheets of the range, and using 3d foam to create the different layers I really like what I did.  I also added some buttons as a balance to the opposite of the page - you'll see what I mean.

So here you go

It's actually hung on my wall (keep taking pictures down to hang things for photo's) 

I adore this picture of Harry and the colours from all of the papers pick out the red on his sleeves and the pinks of his lips and cheeks. 

I love it - hope you do too.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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