Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter ....


From everyone at Bee Crafty xxx

So how are you?

I have had a lovely Easter weekend so far, aside from the exchange of chocolate I have just had a wonderful time, the Crop was yesterday in the shop (and Good Friday) so that was great fun and I eventually got them out of the shop at about 5.30.  The beauty of it is ultimately we can close when we like and we don't click our fingers and turn the lights off just because its "closing time".

Today was wonderful - we had an Easter Egg hunt at Bev's house, then went out walking with myboys, dogs and some friends - lots of picture opportunity so the next question is what sort of titles can we use for the Easter pages?

How about these for a few

  • Egg-cellent

  • Chocolate Hunter
  • Sweet Like Chocolate
Now I am not saying that Easter revolves around chocolate - but it's a big part of it for me!!!

For me the perfect papers for scrapping this time of year are nice bright colours onto plain backgrounds - why not try this range from TPC called Celebration

Like I say nice and bright and with a solid colour on one side and a pattern on the other lots of room for scope there.

Right again hope you have all had  a wonderful Easter and that you have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday too.

Take Care

Sam xxx

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