Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tin of a different kind!!!

Hiya everyone

Hope you're all ok.  I am (don't tell anyone) a bit of a soppy one sometimes and when I get the chance I will pop a little note for lunchtime into my hubby's lunch bag.  If I had a few pre-made this would be a lot easier so I altered a little tin to keep them in that holds the ATC size cards.
So you need a tin and some ATC size cards the cards can just be cut to
size from blank cardstock though
I chose patterned paper from the Basic Grey Archaic Range
and cut to fit the particular tin I had (the small bit is to go around the top)
Ink all of the edges in a co-ordinating colour.
I attached the top one first (doesn't really matter)
I attached the second one and the striped were opposites if that makes sense.
Next I took an ATC and cut it exactly in half - inked the edges and just handwrote on it
Add some gold ink to the edges (if you wan to) and a good lot of organza ribbon tied aroud the handle and there you go it's finished

Now all you need to do is the cards to go inside (I'll do those another day!!)

Have fun with this one

Take Care

Sam xxx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea well done x

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